About Us

Our goal at Singaling Stories is to inspire language and literacy development in babies and toddlers.

We do this by welcoming you, the parent or caregiver, and your child into classes where we share rhymes, lap bounces, finger plays and lullabies.

But this isn’t just about offering you and your child entertainment for 45 minutes. This class provides you with material that will support and delight you both throughout your daily lives.

The magic of this material is that it is portable – it is always there for you when you need it most. Whether you need to distract during a diaper change, amuse when getting dressed, inspire when going for a walk, calm after a long day, or, even, excite when seeing a fly, this material will charm both you and your child.

And that is its beauty. This program gives you material that not only helps to create a stronger bond between you and your child, but also instills a love of language right from the beginning.

About Vanessa

Vanessa Chudy, trained in Sally Jaeger’s method of storytelling for babies and toddlers, teaches parents and caregivers essential skills for bringing stories, rhymes and songs into everyday life. Vanessa attended Lullabies and LapRhymes and Mr. Bear Says Hello both as a participant with her son and as an assistant teacher. She has seen first hand that these skills build a strong connection and nurture early literacy and language development.

Vanessa combines a background in theatre, an interest in early childhood education and a passion for Sally Jaeger’s program when creating and sharing the Singaling Stories program.